Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Robert Frost

I was watching a documentary called "Gray Gardens". This was a peek into the world of Edith Beale. While watching this, Edith tries to quote this poem, and I didn't remember ever hearing it. I think this speaks to the paths we take in life.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

A New Earth

I am finding that it is a lot about ego. I didn't sign up for Oprah on line, I had no plan to read the book. I am told it will change my life if I really get the message...
Carrie J maybe right, it could be from Mideastern religions, I am not into it far enough to decide
where his pattern of thinking comes from. And so I continue on.....

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mastering the art of Friendship

How many friends can you call your best friend?

I am not sure that I know what that means. It seems to me that I have had few people that would be considered best friend. Her life would change, or my life would change and somehow we would just go down different roads.

I used to be more social than I am now. I wanted or needed people around me all the time. But the past few years I seem very content to do my own thing. I find a curtain peace in myself that didn't exist before.

I had always been miss fix it, make it, do it, find it, a real social director. And then when I was not busy, I was lost....searching for something to do, to fill the hours. So I was a volunteer for almost anything. And friendships are made. When the job is done, we scatter to other things and although we stay in touch, it is not the bond that was there while working together.

I think we all need friends, they are the comforter for our heart. But if you find yourself having failed relationships the blame game happens. Is a friendship like a marriage, can it be that you just fall out of love with that person or they you. If I were to make a list of friends, how many would I call best friends. If I am really blessed there would be one.

This question came from another blogger...why do we blog? What does it serve in our life?
Does it have anything to do with friendships, or is it about the sharing?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

I have a feeling from what I have heard....this book is flying off the shelf. My daughter Jenny and I are both reading this book. She is ahead of me, I am catching up. We are discussing what we read and what it means to us. I had not planned to read this book, but thought it would be fun if Jenny and I did this. Jenny lives about 17 miles from me, I think a lot of our discussions will be one the phone. She came over last night and we spent almost an hour talking about what I had read so far. It was fun.
And that lead me to making this new site. I have always had a Journal, but I never seem to get all the stories out that I want to share, or just because it is apart of my history. Could be just something about nothing. We will see.